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Summer 2018. We are planning a family bike trip down the River Rhein in Germany form Koblenz to Rotterdam.



July-August 2016

Family bike tour during our summer holiday.



In July 2016, we are going to cycle around the Boden Lake in the Alps. Then we are going to go down the River Rhein to see Basel, Strasbourg and Karlsruhe.
This is going to be our family's first trip witout the trailor. Marianna will be cycling on her own.
We hope she will enjoy this new experience.


In 2012 we cycled from our home town to Munster in Germany.
In 2013 we covered the distance from Munster to Paris.
In 2015 we are planning to make it from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, which is on the French-Spanish border in the Pyrenees


In 2012 we cycled from our home town to Munster in Germany.
In 2013 we are going to cover the distance from Munster to Paris. Our route includes Venlo, Brussels, Monts and Paris.


The first part of our Saint James Way has been completed.

From 27 April to 6 May 2012 we covered the distance of 480 km from our home town of KoŇāobrzeg to Hanseatic City of Rostock (Germany).

Part two starts on 22nd July, 2012 and we intend to go from Rostock to Munster (Germany).

We now know the dates of our Camino de Santiago trip-part 1. We set off on 28 April from Kolobrzeg and will cycle towards Germany. The highlights of part one-Wolgast (the medevial town hall), Greifswald (the Pomeranian Museum and the town square with its gothic architecture), Stralsund (gothic old town), Barth (sister city of Kolobrzeg) and finally Rostock and its old town. We finish this part in Butzow and take the train back home on Sunday 6 May 2012. See you there!


Almost ready to go.
We are leaving for France on 8 April.
Our local bike shop guys do their best to get our bikes into good working condition.

We just got a breaking news from the Polish edition of The National Geographic Traveler.
Our story about the cycle tour across Europe with kids is going to be published.
We hope more families will get on their bikes this summer.


Kolosy 2010

Photoreview of the travellers meeting in Gdynia.

The climber Piotr Pustelnik received the Super Kolos.
He is the 20th man in history to have captured the Crown of the Himalayas -
fourteen highest peaks in the world rising above 8,000 meters.

We showed our movie With kids across Europe by bike.

There was a great deal of viewers..


We are going to show the movie from our bike trip across Europe
during the biggest adventurers meeting in Europe,
which is held on 11th March 2011, in Gdynia, Poland .

Web page of the meeting


20 January 2011. Regional Culture Centre in Kolobrzeg. We presented a short movie and a slide show on the first part of our bike trip with kids across Europe.



The slide show from our big trip, NEXT WEEK IN KOLOBRZEG.


Just arrived home after 3 months on bikes


W week stay in Rome.


Bikes on a truck.
We would like to thank Mr Borowski for taking our gear back to Poland. In this way, we are not going to struggle that much with our flight back home from Rome.


We are in Naples. Just wandering around.

by ostojan 2010