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Welcome to Pomeranian Heritage Tours

My name is Maciej Mezynski. I am a High School teacher of English and a local tourist guide in Kolobrzeg, Poland.
Before the Second World War, my home town used to be called Kolberg and belonged to Germany. After the war, the borders between Poland and Germany changed and Kolberg become Kolobrzeg. The German inhabitants of Pomerania were expelled to Germany and the region was populated by Poles, most of whom had lost their homes and land during the war or due to the border change in the east parts of Poland.
That is how my grandfather came to live in Pommerania. I am the third generation of Poles living in Pommerania.
When I came back to Kolobrzeg after having graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, I become interested in the history of the region and of the people who had inhabited this land before my ancestors arrived here.
I took a state course and became a licensed guide in 2007. Since then, in my spare time, I have been taking foreign visitors on guided tours around Pommerania.
My wife Ewa, is a licenced guide too and she offers tours in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.
Our services include:

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Taking care of your baggage
  • Arranging food and lodging
  • Tracing down the places of your interest
  • Arranging your visits at local churches and private houses
  • Assistance at libraries and archives
  • Sale of maps and guide books about Pommerania
  • Assistance at the hospital in case of emergencies
  • Court sworn translations, both oral and written

Contact details:
Maciej Mężyński, MA.
ul. Mariacka 24/5, 78-100 Kolobrzeg, Poland
email: mezynski@wp.pl
skype upon reguest
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maciej.mezynski.9

I take care of directions and driving

My spacious van takes up to 8 visitors

The Architecture and the way of live is explained in details

I am a certified guide for the region of Pomerania

I support my searches with pre war German maps

The area of Kolberg in 1941

First, I double check the names in old German indexes

Then, the Polish sources must confirm the names of villages

Map of Pomerania in the XVII century

Map of Pomerania in the XIX century

A visit at a German graveyard

Not many of these have survided the war

A souvenir from NATO soldiers.

Guiding the armed forces was a great experiance

References upon request:

LeRoy Boehlke-the writer of the books about Pommerania, the former head of pommerscher.org

Marylyne Ranalter-Intertrav tour escort
Marylyne has provided me with her reference
Here is what she writes about my services:
I have been acquainted with Maciej for almost ten years and have been fortunate in being able to use his services for the Heritage groups which I have escorted to Pomerania. His extensive knowledge of Pomeranian history and culture, which he is able to explain in excellent english and with a fine sense of humour, makes him the perfect guide. Ancestry is one of Maciej’s favourite hobbies and he will leave no stone unturned to help find whatever town, village, house, church or grave which one may be seeking. His research is very thorough ensuring that you really do visit the correct ancestral village and not just one with the same name. Maciej has arranged numerous car tours into the Pomeranian countryside for members of my heritage groups to enable them to visit their ancestral homes and in many cases even speak with the local residents. Participants have always returned with many happy memories and photos.

Hotel New Skanpol*** Kolobrzeg, Poland

Hotel Marine***** Kolobrzeg, Poland

Hotel Lambert***** Ustronie Morskie, Poland

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