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The journey

To make our dream journey, we chose to travel by bikes. We believe this is the most challenging way of travelling with kids and of course the one that keeps you fit and sound. It was that and more!

On September 12th, 2010 we set off, as a family, on our most demanding and amazing bike trip ever. It was the start of our nine-month European bike tour with our kids Janek (6 years old) and Marianna (3 years old).

Ewa and I took a year long holiday from our teaching jobs to show our kids a bit of Europe and its diversity. It was fantastic! We were making the stuff sweet memories are made of and living our dream!

What is more, by doing this, we were able to show to other parents, especially those in Poland, that travelling with kids IS POSSIBLE and can be a great deal of fun. Kids need not curb your freedom to travel. Travelling with kids just needs to be taken on from a different angle. It was even more fun for Ewa and I to see these experiences through the eyes of our young children. Done right, travelling together with small children can add more adventure and more excitement.

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Miasto RCK

The route of our bike touring holiday 2010-2011

An ordinary day on our trip. The detailed schedule.

From Bratislava to Budapest



Venice-Rimini-Reggio di Calabria

The Island of Sicily

Naples-Roma (by train)


Germany and Austria along the Danube

Czech Republic and Germany along the Elbe

TOP 10 PICTURES (for captions please go to relevant stage)

by ostojan 2010